Time Breaker

Time Breaker

Time Breaker is a 3D Arkanoid-like game full of new bonuses

Time Breaker is a 3D Arkanoid-like game. You will need to make a ball bounce in your pad, hitting the 3D objects that will appear at the top of the screen. These objects will rotate and move around the whole screen, and the ball will destroy parts of them when it hits something. Some bricks will free coins that, if you catch them, will give you bonuses. Most of them will ease your game (your pod will become bigger, the ball will grow larger or heavier, or become acid, you will be helped by a droid that will catch every ball, a band will appear at the lower end of the screen, you will receive an extra ball or life, or even some more points). Some bonuses will give you the power to throw bullets, missiles or flames to the objects, destroying them quickly. Some bonuses will make things harder, shrinking the ball or your pad, or increasing the speed of the ball. The gravity player allows you to attract the ball to the pad, when you click the left button of your mouse. The trial version will let you play for free for sixty minutes.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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